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Wheel of Life

The Wheel is a simple but powerful tool designed to help you get a graphical representation of the present balance between different areas regarding your life and identify which will most benefit you by improving. The eight sections in the Wheel of Life represent different aspects of your life. Seeing the center of the wheel as 1 and the outer edges as 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each life area by filling in that piece of the pie to that level. You can use the 8 categories in this sample or determine the 6 to 12 most important categories in your life and create your own wheel. Use the following questions to help you determine how you would rate each life area on a scale of 1 to 10. Career

Is my job rewarding? Does it reflect my values? Do I have opportunity for advancement?


Do I earn enough and live within my means? Do I save enough? Am I planning for financial freedom?


Am I generally fit and well? Do I eat healthily? Do I exercise regularly?

Significant other/Romance

Do I have/want a soul mate? Do we share values and intimacy? Am I nurturing the relationship we have with each other?

Friends and Family

Do I have/want a close circle of friends? Do I spend enough time with family and friends? Do I value the relationship we have with each other?

Personal Growth

Am I continually learning new things? Do I enjoy new opportunities for growth? Are the things I do growing me as a person?

Fun and Recreation

Do I have fun often? Do I know how to relax? Do I enjoy sports or have hobbies?

Physical Environment

Do I like the area in which I live? Is my home comfortable, tidy and warm? Do I keep my appearance smart? Is my car serviced and reliable?

Interpreting Your Wheel. If this were a real wheel, how bumpy would the ride be? What you are aiming for with your completed wheel is to have all segments scored evenly (or close), above 7 and as near 10 as possible. If you have any particularly low scores you will want to make those areas of your life a priority. However, it’s not always cut and dry. It is necessary to investigate how they may interact with each other in order to identify the area to address first. For example, Fun & Recreation scored low could be tied to a low score regarding Money. Not having sufficient money could mean that a person may be unable to go out or engage in recreation that has an appreciable cost associated with it, which can lead to a low level of morale and lack of desire to have fun. A low score for Money could also be tied to the low score for Career, though it may be that money is low due to poor financial management. The purpose here is to determine if a low score in one category is the result of other factors. Improvement in one area will have an impact on other areas as well. At the same time, making changes in one area may have temporary or long-term impact on other areas. However, in the above example, a career change may help in the career, money and fun categories. Yet, at the same time, depending on the situation it could decrease time for fun or family or your significant other.

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